Ecumenical worship on Ascension at the State Garden Show

....... " I can only cordially congratulate you and all those responsible and contributors & nbsp; for the great success and effulgence of this worship & nbsp; as well as being extremely grateful for experiencing this near perfect hour. & nbsp; almost had a church day atmosphere ....
May all of you, in the further action and action, be endowed with strength, joy, patience and success & nbsp; "

This was one of the many feedbacks about our ecumenical service, which took place on the day of Ascension Day at the Landesgartenschau in bright sunshine.

It exemplifies a large number of positive and grateful reactions to service in the context of the 8th Saxon State Garden Show. The bishops, too, Carsten Rentzing and Heinrich Timmerevers were impressed and impressed by the atmosphere. The Frankenberg Mayor Thomas Firmenich and his wife, the member of the Landtag Iris Firmenich, who attended the service, also expressed their appreciation.

We are very happy about the successful service and look back gratefully to a joyful feast of faith and a clearly visible public confession to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Credit: The pictures were provided with the kind support of Walter A. Müller-Wähner, Thank you!